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I see the same system as you on sites under 300€, what is the difference?

It is obviously not the same system but the same principle, the transformation of limestone into aragonite. New ARA is a patented system which works thanks to permanent natural magnets   with a powerful magnetic field (10,000 gauss = 1 Tesla) and one of the main characteristics of which is that they discharge very slowly thousands of years) which allows us to guarantee our systems for life. We are the only ones to achieve the feat of changing polarity 8 times on the same bar, which guarantees 100% of the explosion of the limestone molecule into aragonite (non-encrusting and abrasive, therefore curative).

You display "Say goodbye to your limescale problems" but with your system, the limescale does not disappear!

In effect ! The limestone is transformed into aragonite, which is a molecule 50 to 60 times smaller than limestone and which has the particularity of no longer being encrusting, neither in the pipes nor on the electrical resistances. The aragonite is evacuated naturally by the dynamism and the pressure of the water. Only places where the water dries up, such as faucets or shower walls, are subject to a slight deposit which can be removed without the slightest difficulty by simply passing a “wet cloth”. So without any chemicals or anti-limestone.

Should I hire a professional for placement?

It's not necessary. We offer you an all-inclusive formula including the travel of our certified installer, the installation and all the necessary accessories adapted to your installation. So you don't have to worry about the time it will take or the accessories used because you won't be charged any extra. With us, it's no surprise! The offer that will be given to you is final! It is nevertheless possible for you to install it yourself or via the professional of your choice with the same guarantees in compliance with the assembly instructions provided.

Will I incur additional costs with the New ARA system?

No, once the system is up and running, no further expense or intervention on your part is required. The New ARA works perfectly without any maintenance or consumables and this for life.

What does your lifetime warranty mean?

The New ARA is indeed guaranteed for life by the quality of its natural and permanent magnets. There are no moving parts so no possible wear. Natural magnets will gradually discharge over thousands of years. If you ever resell your home, the buyer will continue to benefit from the same advantages.

What does New ARA do besides a water softener?

New ARA offers a curative effect on an existing installation and the physical phenomenon of abrasion guarantees that in the medium or long term, your piping will return to its original state.

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